Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to set up in Occupational Therapy Private Practice - Everything you need to know

    • Introductions to the facilitators and the course

    • Understanding different business structures (E.g. Sole Trader Vs Company)

    • Business practicalities: Insurance, Tax & Accountancy

    • Business practicalities: Developing your idea

    • Marketing your business

    • Legal and ethical issues for private practitioners

    • Resourcing yourself in private practice

    • Optimising your time in private practice

    • How much experience do you need to set up in private practice?

    • Questions

  • 2

    Experiences of Occupational Therapists Working in Private Practice

    • Maureen Ryan - SOAR Therapy

    • Josephine Dolan _ The Well-being Atelier

    • Emma Connolly - Full Potential Occupational Therapy

    • Jessica Kennedy_ My OT and Me

    • Clarifying Scope of Practice - Jessica Kennedy My OT and Me

    • Corinna Keaney_ Occupational Therapy NI

    • Katie Caspero_ OT Graphically

    • Why did you set up in private practice?

    • What are some of the challenges of self-employment?

    • What are the benefits of working in private practice?

    • Business supports/ CPD to help sustain you in practice

    • Software and technology to support your business

    • Lessons Learnt

    • What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about setting up in private practice?

  • 3

    Business Resource Toolkit

    • How to set up in private practice OT - Presentation Slides

    • Business practicalities prompt worksheet

    • Developing your business idea worksheet

    • Financial Planning Tool

    • Document Checklist_Policy Templates

    • Marketing your business worksheet

    • Occupational Therapy Private Practice Helpful Resources

    • Tools and Applications to Support Operations

  • 4


    • Hudgins et al (2018) Opening a Private Practice in Occupational Therapy

    • CORU (2019) Occupational Therapists Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics